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RU Finds the Lord

The word on the street is that Akeem Braithwaite, aka Ru, has turned over a new leaf and made Jesus Christ his music producer. His new album, “Walkin’ All Night For Jesus And I Ain’t Tired Yet,” comes out this month. With songs like, “No More Ho Shit,” “Get Them Titties Out Ma Face,” “Nut In Da Butt,” and “Help Me Lord, Please.” Ru expects this new artistic direction to win him some new fans.

“He just wanna teach. That’s all he tryin’ to do. He just wanna give back a little some’em some’em to the people,” said a source close to the artist. Another source close to Ru thinks that the impending birth of his 20th child has changed him forever. “He changed. He ain’t tryin’ to fuck no more hoes. Bitches be trippin’, but Ru be like over in the corner reading his Bible and shit.”


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