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CLUB GOSSIP  - Epididymitis, Back Together Again!

The controversial local comic, John Paul Edmundson, has decided to put his old band, Epididymitis, back together again. “We haven’t played since The Rock Shop days, and that was like ten years ago, but we think it’s time to ejaculate our latest music into the ears of Fayetteville music fans. Our new sound is much heavier and much sexier than before,” said Edmundson, when reached for comment by The Oily Discharge. “I’m an asthmatic, pack-a-day smoker, so I’ve got a voice that really makes them wet.” The new lineup will have Dennis Vee on cowbell, Ryan Minton on oboe, Mitch Fowler on flute, Brandon Dyer on xylophone, and John Paul Edmundson on vocals and triangle. Their new single, Felcher, will be released on Spotify and Apple Music on May 1st.

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