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Rumor has it that Devin Culbreth is about to quit mixology, change his name to “Couchie,” and start a pop/country band called Couchie and The Blowjobs. He will be holding auditions in April at Roland’s Dance Studio for anyone who wants to try out for his band. Rumor has it that Jacklyn McDaniel is not a fan of her birth name. She goes by the name “Jax.” Apparently, Paddy tried to explain to her that the word “Jax” means “Toilet” in Irish slang, but she wouldn’t listen. She insists on being called “Jax.” Rumor has it that several people at Paddy’s have decided to give up something for Lent: Cristen Simmons has given up sex, Braxton Hockaday has given up all forms of oral pleasure, Monica Liotto is attempting to hold in all farts for the entire 40 days and 40 nights, and Daniel Fimbres is masturbating only once a day.

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