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Did You Know

1. The Tipsy Gardener presents

Growing Herbs with Karen

Wednesday ~ April 24th, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm on the Patio at Paddy’s with horticulturist Karen Graham. $45.00 includes all tools needed to plant the herbs (basil, oregano, parsley), and instructions on how to maintain herbs. Before the class enjoy a demonstration of how to use basil in culinary and craft beverage menus. Pre-registration required at:

2. Happy Birthday
  • Ginny Griffith - 4/1
  • Paul McCoy - 4/1
  • Annie Nice - 4/2
  • David Brown - 4/4
  • Jennifer Fincher - 4/4
  • Tiannamarie Campana - 4/7
  • Nicole Mitchell - 4/8
  • Shawn Ferreyra - 4/9
  • David Sears - 4/10
  • Mike Catron - 4/10
  • Shannon Lobdell - 4/10
  • Shane Mize - 4/10
  • Rebeca Renken - 4/10
  • Carine Bertot - 4/14
  • Sheila Oldenburg - 4/16
  • David Benzaquen - 4/20
  • Stan Davis - 4/21
  • Torrey Newsome - 4/25
  • Connelly Worrell - 4/27
  • Meghan Edenfield - 4/28
  • Pebbles Hernandez - 4/28
  • Rubella Frost - 4/28
  • Paul Odom - 4/29
  • Megan Leal - 4/30

3. National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day is Friday, April 12th! Time to enjoy one of the best, cheesiest, crunchiest, and most comforting sandwiches around.! No one honors this amazing American comfort food like our very own food truck, The Cottage!

4. Beers & Bracelets ~ April 10th! Sip on your favorite brews while getting your very own custom-fitted permanent piece of jewelry. We will be offering 14k gold-filled, rose gold, and sterling silver chains to choose from, along with four-leaf clover, connectors, and the option to have your piece of jewelry custom engraved. Whether you're looking to get linked up, or just looking for a good time, this event is perfect for you. 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm. Register on our website:

5. In traditional Celtic society is a month of new growth and renewal called An Giblean (April) Depending on where you lived, there were many ways to say or spell it, including An T’Aibreán, Aibreán, and more. Still, they meant April, the time of sowing seeds, new baby chicks, betrothals, and young people beginning courtships. The earth started bursting forth with its bounty, and people celebrated Easter, the Spring Equinox, love, and renewal in many forms.

6. Join us on the patio at Paddy's for our very first Sip & Paint Pottery with Greg’s Pottery! These are fun to paint with friends! The price is $29 and up (teapot, beer stein, flowerpot, or latte mug), paints, and ribbons. Create your own color scheme! Wednesday, April 17th 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Pre-Register at:


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