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Don’t Be Afraid of Fear State

BY Tammy Simmons


Get ready to ROCK when Fear State hits the stage at Paddy’s Irish Pub on July 7th with an exhilarating live performance you will not soon forget! This collection of 5 chronologically diverse audiophiles, born across 5 different decades, is quite the nexus! B-Man, on bass, clocks in at the youthful age of fifty-three; Smitty, the lead singer, is forty-six; Tyler, the lead guitarist, is thirty; Ryder, the drummer, is sixteen; and Ian, on rhythm guitar, is fifteen.


B-Man (Bass player & co-founder of The Fifth) formed Fear State in the spring of 2022 after hearing Smitty singing the song, Beth, by KISS, with altered lyrics about him having COVID. B-Man thought he sounded good and asked him if he wanted to form a band. After being retired from the music scene for 9 years, B-Man was itching to hit the stage again, so he harnessed the intrinsic raw talent of his nephew Ryder, his grandson Ian, and guitarist Tyler C, and the band developed from there.


Fear State creates a sound that is nostalgic and familiar, yet difficult to describe or pin down. Their sound is a combination of blues, rock, grunge, alternative, and metal. Their influences include Stone Temple Pilots, Godsmack, Blink 182, Metallica, Motley Crue, Red Hot Chili Peppers, KISS, and Eric Clapton. Don’t miss Fear State’s maiden gig at Paddy’s.

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