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Employee of the Month

Nathan Lougin - aka Nate aka Nasty aka Milk aka Lil Pussy Hound aka Young Dirty Basdard aka Feltch aka Fatboy aka Slim Lady aka Mow Fawka.

  • It’s not meth, he’s just skinny.
  • He has to jump around in the shower to get wet.
  • He is sometimes referred to as The Rapture because he suddenly vanishes into thin air when pussy calls or texts.
  • Lil Pussy Hound has been mainlining porn since he was 7, hence the hostile attitude towards “bitches.”
  • The average phone battery lasts longer than his relationships.
  • He orgasms faster than a speeding bullet.
  • More than half of his female friends are women.
  • Having your own podcast, attending Bible study, and Battle Rapping are great places to meet “bitches.”
  • Pretty fly for a white guy.
  • Have you ever noticed how happy bisexual men are?
  • Nathan is a talented artist and podcaster. He is loved and adored by his friends and family, and he is a kind and benevolent Christian man.
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