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Employee of the Month

BY Paddy Gibney

Josh Williams ~ aka Pigpen aka 3Ball

  • He was born on a highway in Faison, NC, where a lot of accidents happen.
  • Some kids are dropped on their head, some kids are thrown against a wall.
  • Josh is the human version of jock itch – annoying and hard to get rid of.
  • He saw a pussy once, but when he got closer, he realized it was an Arby’s roast beef sandwich.
  • No one knows what makes him so attractive to 300 lbs women, but it really works.
  • He asked a skinny girl out on a date once, but she had a headache planned for that weekend.
  • He tends to force-feed his feelings to women which is why his right forearm is so muscular.
  • Plays drums in a band called The Gas Station Dick Pills.
  • Since joining the Paddy’s audio team, he has shown a remarkable ability to hold flashlights for real technicians.
  • He once lost an eyebrow in a catfishing accident.
  • Described by colleague, Nic Rossi, as “a piece of shit with the mixing skills of Helen Keller.”
  • He smokes Oregano when he runs out of weed.
  • A humble man, Josh is always willing to learn and grow. He goes the extra mile to help people, and he has brought great technical ability and attention to detail to the Paddy’s Audio Team.

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