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Employee of the Month

Jacklyn McDaniel aka Jax aka Badonkadonk aka Yeasty Muffin aka Crackahoa

  • When she’s horny, her pronouns are him, her, they, them, and it.
  • Valedictorian at Braxton Hockaday University – BSc in Oral Sex.
  • No one works as hard as Jax does, no one. Just ask her.
  • She finally found a white guy to date, but he decided to move to Africa.
  • In Africa, she is known as Crackahoa which means, “white girl with a black girl’s ass.”
  • Buy her an Angry Orchard and a grilled cheese pesto sandwich and she’ll let you see her asshole tattoo.
  • Most men feel emasculated by her big dick energy.
  • She likes her men like she likes her video games – with as little dialogue as possible.
  • Her favorite video games are ones depicting men as submissive, sexual objects or as prizes to be won.
  • Jax is a kind, smart, hard-working, beautiful woman with a sassy sense of humor and an infectious smile. She is a mixology rockstar and a beloved member of the Paddy’s family.

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