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Fayetteville Art Attack is BACK!

BY Patrick Gibney

What is it? Art Attack is a gathering of artists and art fans of all ages and modalities. It is an opportunity to showcase, buy and/or sell art, as well as collaborate with and be inspired by other artists.

When is it? Beginning on May 1st, Art Attack happens every Wednesday evening at 8pm in The Church Entertainment Lounge.

Why? Everyone has their own taste when it comes to art. There are many different styles, different ideas, and different messages – art has it all – music, dance, visual arts, film, books, photography, television, and within each of those categories, there’s even more diversity. Art doesn’t have a right or wrong. It’s not about being correct but about feeling connected. From street murals to classical sculptures, punk rock to smooth jazz, art speaks in countless voices. Art, in all its forms, reflects human experiences and desires. While mainstream art has its place and importance, niche art forms remind us of the vast, diverse world of creativity waiting to be explored. Keep in mind, Banksy started as an underground street artist, but his work is now globally recognized. Art isn’t about money; it’s about conversations. When artists of diverse backgrounds share their stories, they open doors to understanding. Art fosters empathy, challenges stereotypes, and sparks dialogue. It makes our communities richer, more inclusive, and more connected.

How? Shawn Adkins originally devised the concept of Art Attack. Shawn is a well-known and respected artist and businessman. He is the owner of Back-Around-Records, a popular downtown Fayetteville record store. For many years, he owned and operated The Rock Shop, a beloved music and art venue that closed several years ago. In its heyday, Art Attack was a massive success for Shawn at The Rock Shop, so we at Paddy’s approached him and asked him to collaborate with us to help resurrect it. To our delight, he agreed. Beginning Wednesday, May 1st, Art Attack will begin again. Specific details for artists and fans alike are available on our social media platforms or by contacting us directly. Come out and support this endeavor. Remember, art is a treasure, it’s not just a driving force in our economy but a powerful tool that makes our society richer. We are incredibly fortunate to live in a community brimming with artistic voices.

Contact us! on FaceBook @ FayettevilleArtAttack or our Instagram #Fayetteville_Art_Attack or Email us @!

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