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BY Nic Rossi

Karaoke is the ultimate test of courage and not for the faint of heart. Singing takes big brass balls and nerves of steel. Karaoke has its own set of rules where a screen full of words will not save you. The crowd awaits your performance. To be honest with this ever-growing pub popular pastime, talent will have no part in rescuing the imprisoned soul either. It's passion, fun, and love that allows you to shine. No band to back you, no time to rehearse. Just a DJ, a microphone, and a slip of paper that says you're next!

Some say karaoke is for those that couldn't cut it in the music world. I believe it's extremely the opposite. It takes a different skill to step up to the stage. The ability to let loose and let go of any and everything that holds you back. Break free from what keeps you down. Busting out of the normal everyday zombie life of maintaining responsibility. There is no feeling like overcoming fear and just owning it.

Karaoke has become a world-renowned ‘thing to do’ not only in bars and restaurants, but also at birthday parties, social gatherings, or sipping wine alone after a day of hard work. In the shower, in the car, in a stairway, everyone loves to sing. It’s something that brings us together and\or relaxes us. Nothing can stop the world from singing. We as people just need to find the place we love to sing the most.


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