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Kelsey Sheppard – What The Flock?!

What did the one shepherd say to the other shepherd? “Let’s get the flock out of here!” If Kelsey Sheppard were a shepherd, all her sheep would be “freakishly tall men with juicy booties.” After all, this is a woman who knows a thing or two about asses. She’s a straight-A student, which makes her a smart ass. She’s tough as nails and doesn’t give a flock, which makes her a badass. And she can write her name in the sand with her ass cheeks – what the flock?! Coincidently, Kelsey’s first love is art. She is a Film Studies major at NC State University. “Initially, I was a criminal justice major, but I decided to move to art mainly because of the impact that great art can have on people. Ultimately, I want to write screenplays.”


Kelsey, of course, is one of Paddy’s most experienced mixologists. She brings dedication and personality to the craft. Her favorite thing about the job? “I like to make men oink before I give them a Love Butter shot. Other than that, I love my coworkers. I also love the guests that I’ve been able to connect with, and the high energy, fast-paced atmosphere at Paddy’s.” She is originally from the Fayetteville area and lives here with her parents and brother. “That’s all the family I have until someone gets me pregnant.” But she’s aware of the lopsided quantity-to-quality ratio when it comes to men in the Fayetteville area. “Emotional intelligence is the most attractive thing in a man. I need someone with more than two brain cells. I need someone who is goal-driven, caring, and obsessed with me. I’ll probably die alone.”


Sheppard, who turns twenty-nine this month, is an avid concert goer and loves music festivals, in particular. She enjoys the beach, great cocktails, and photography. Her favorite food is a medium rare steak with potatoes. Oh, and bleu cheese on her salad is a must. She has a dog named Dixie and a cat named Tiki, who she considers to be her soulmate. So, does Kelsey have a funny story from her time bartending at Paddy’s? She sure does. “A young Navy Seal, who was training at Fort Bragg, once wrote down his telephone number and the words, “Let’s Fuck” in the tip line of his credit card receipt. When I rejected him, he took a shit on the floor. As I said, I’ll probably die alone.” - What the flock?!


BY Patrick Gibney

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