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Kyng Bea with Somethin' Sweet

Kyng Bea, with Somethin’ Sweet is a musical trio that fuses R&B with several other musical genres. Their music is as memorable and timeless as Elton John and as searing and anthemic as Journey. The band consists of Kyng Bea (Voice/Keys), “American Idol Golden Ticket Winner” from season 2, Zak Hargett (Bass), from the infamous “Scorpios in Gatorade,” and Alice Carter (Drums), from the legendary music family, “The Carters.”

“After rubbing shoulders through various shared projects over the last decade or so, it was finally time to bring the band together,” says Kyng Bea. “We bring a certain nostalgia that’s mixed with modern energy.” The band name came from both Kyng Bea’s royal blood, and Zak’s struggle with diabetes. (LOL) Kyng Bea writes most of the original songs for the trio and describes their sound as futuristic. “Think two scoops Sir Elton John-Legend, with a side of Bruno Marzipan, drizzled with candied pop, so smooth and fresh you can’t help but move and groove to it!” says Kyng Bea.

So, pull out your dancing shoes and get your sweet tooth ready! You can catch the sweet tunes of Kyng Bea and Somethin’ Sweet LIVE in the pub, on Friday night, October 13th!

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