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MKP – The Friendly Ghost

BY Patrick Gibney

Mason Kyle Plenderleith may look and sound like a fellow who likes to hold up banks with a pistol grip shotgun, but he is actually much cooler than that. Mason, referred to as “Ghost” by his motorcycle friends, joined Paddy’s security team a few months ago and quickly settled into the family with his sardonic wit and dry sense of humor winning everyone over almost immediately. Or maybe it’s the big weapon he carries around in his baggy pants, who knows? Either way, everybody likes Mason. But who is he?

Born in Newport News, VA, 34-year-old MKP grew up in Richmond, VA, graduating from Thomas Dale High School and quickly joining the workforce. He spent time working in Walmart, the Department of Corrections, and then in armed security. He first picked up a gun and learned to shoot when he was 7 years old, which would explain why he is a firearms expert today. In fact, he has a guitar case full of them, but there’s much more to this man than meets the eye.

Mason is a loyal and loving husband to his lovely wife, Erin, and a devoted dad to his young son, Connor. He is a lover of random facts and a bonified history buff, especially World War II history. This would explain why women tend to throw their panties at him when he’s checking customer IDs, a problem he describes as “an occupational hazard.” He loves all kinds of music, particularly the music of Chris Cornell. When he's not riding his motorcycle, or listening to music, or shooting, or discussing history, you might find him walking his dog, Ash, or tearing into his favorite food – a porterhouse steak, thick cut, medium-rare.

Mason “Ghost” Plenderleith is a man who has had his difficulties in life but has somehow landed on his feet, and the experience has taught him a lot. “I lost both my parents by the time I turned thirty. It’s important to spend time with loved ones as much as possible because you never know when it’s all over. And think! Living for the moment has its place, but you must think ahead. If you want good things from this world, it starts with what you yourself put into it.” Wise words, indeed, from a gentleman and a scholar.

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