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Ricky Gets Picky

BY: Dustin Capps

There was a time when you could have said, "Ricky Glore is larger than life!", and you would have been right. The immediately lovable, headlining comedian is only 5’10”, and once weighed an astonishing 360 pounds! "A lot of comedians love alcohol, but I love food," admits Glore.


Becoming a dad inspired him to take his health seriously, so in October 2021, with a little help from a skilled surgeon, Ricky dropped from 360 pounds to an amazing 190 pounds.


Ricky Glore is one of the funniest people to have ever played The Church. After his performance last year, we chatted for an hour about him coming back and us doing a story about it. And what a story he has to tell! Who else can say their dad was a backup catcher to Cincinnati Reds Hall of Famer Johnny Bench!? Ricky has a wide body of work available on all platforms, and his new album, "World’s Greatest Dad," is now streaming. He is currently working on his next movie, "Sweet Meats.” We are honored and grateful to have him back at Paddy’s.


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