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Rock & Roll Dueling Piano Show

BY Nic Rossi

The rock ‘n’ roll piano show will brighten your day and electrify your night. These dueling wonders will have you cheering and singing along before you can count 88 keys. It’s not just listening, it’s being a part of the songs you love. Greg and Clarence are a chart-popping, hit-topping thrill ride for the soul.

Get ready to enjoy your trip down Yellow Brick Road. Both of our piano men share a unique ability to create an amazing atmosphere. The duo are appropriate for any audience, but they know how to turn up the zest at the right hour. No strangers to audience requests, these ivory rock-and-rollers hail from a long line of classically trained musicians.

For more than 25 years this duo has entertained, wow’d, and lifted crowds out of their seats. The music just pulls you in. Their music covers a wide range of genres. As Billy Joel once said -Hot funk, cool punk, even if it's old junk It's still rock and roll to me!

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