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Scroggins Band

BY Nic Rossi

Listening to Scroggins band makes me want to not pay my bills. They take me back to a time when gas was cheap, and the radio worked. You get in the car, start it and drive. As soon as they light up the stage, music lovers find themselves just letting go.

A humble band that originated in Fayetteville, NC, brings a loud rock back in your face. Not one dickhead in the bunch, just three fun-loving dudes kicking back. One of my favorite things about Scroggins band is the big grunge sound. Of course, the boys are no strangers to the 90’s.

Chris confessed his passion began with loads of Green Day. The band definitely lets the influence shine. Overcoming challenges and being told their style has no place, they would push them guns blazing. Not literally that’s too violent, metaphorically!

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