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Sharp as a Tack

What does construction management and stand-up comedy have in common? Absolutely nothing, and that’s why Garreth “Gary” Sharp, Jr turned his back on one and poured himself into the other. Gary, 31, is originally from southern New Jersey. Currently, he is a Philly-based comic with five years of hard work under his belt. So how did it all begin for Gary?


“I took a six-week comedy course at Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia. That was in 2019. I was terrified of getting up on stage, but my family kept pushing me and pushing me. It really wasn’t until the end of that course that I began to believe I could do this. It all ended with a big show. My friends and family were there, and I just crushed it. So, I’ve been doing it ever since.” This will be Gary’s second time on the Paddy’s stage. He first appeared as a feature over a year ago. He believes it’s important for comics to be constantly writing and constantly introducing new material to the audience. 


“It’s a tough, saturated market out there. You have to work hard, get as much stage time as possible, and take chances – work the room.” Of course, he readily admits that some audiences can be challenging, and the comics’ job is to find a way to win them over. “I played this club one time where the audience consisted of 200 white men between the ages of 30 and 60. I was the only black guy in the building, so my first line was, ‘They must have promoted this show at a Ku Klux Klan rally.’ They all fell about the place. It was risky, but it worked.” Paddy’s welcomes back Gary Sharp to our comedy stage this month.


BY: Patrick Gibney



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