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Sho For Shizzle

In high school, comic Christopher Sho couldn’t get enough of Dolomite and the other 70’s themed movies of the era. But life sure does throw some shit at you, doesn’t it? As a young man, he found himself incarcerated, serving hard time. In prison, they shaved off his afro, and he was introduced to a cold new world. But the entire experience turned on a light bulb in his head. It was a metaphorical kick to the balls. It saved him and put him on the path to his true calling, comedy.

When I called Sho to interview him for this piece, he was at a club working with none other than the great Mike Epps. But it wasn’t always Hennessy and Alize for Christopher Sho. After graduating from Georgia State University with a degree in acting, he headed for LA to get groovy. Stumbling into comedy, his career quickly gathered pace. He is now an experienced and sought after comic working his ass off on the road to bring laughter and joy to the masses. Paddy’s is delighted to welcome Christopher Sho to our comedy stage this month.

BY: Dustin Capps

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Oct 01, 2023

I’m bringing the funny…and that’s FoSho…

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