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The Cristian Rodriquez Story

BY Patrick Gibney


His friends and family call him DIRT, not only because he likes anal, but because he crashed a dirt bike when he was a kid and left a cloud of dust and dirt behind. The name stuck. 26-year-old Cristian Rodriquez, aka Dirt, came to work at Paddy’s four months ago, and since then, he has become a vital cog in Chef David Sear’s hardworking crew in our food truck, The Cottage.

Although he considers himself to be from the Fayetteville area, Cris grew up in Atlanta. He went to Allatoona High School in Acworth, GA before moving to Kissimmee, Florida where he graduated from Liberty High School. A lover of pussy, Cris has 4 cats – MJ, Weasley, Percy, and Meemo. When he’s not playing with his pussy, you can usually find him playing video games or hanging out with his beautiful girlfriend, Mychelle. One of Dirt’s passions is Harry Potter. He has read the entire series and seen every movie. He readily admits to getting a boner while watching Harry do his thing with his little wand. He listens to rap music mostly, especially artists like Lil Baby, but he also likes the rock band, Disturbed. He also enjoys driving. He considers it to be relaxing and therapeutic.

Something else that’s unusual about this young man is the fact that he collects shoes - a very metrosexual quality. He describes his favorite food as “a burger I make myself” and he never gets up in the morning without having a wank. However, the most important thing in Dirt’s life is being a dad to his 7-year-old son, Raiden Knight. “I’m teaching him not to judge people and to try to find the best in others.” Sage advice indeed from a man who someday would like to own his own food truck. Cris Rodriquez is yet another example of the quality human beings working at Paddy’s. We are blessed to have him.

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