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The Deflowering of Joe Pontillo

The Oily Discharge reached out to comedian Joe Pontillo for some comments on his upcoming June 15th show at The Church. "It's actually going to be my first-time doing North Carolina. I've somehow managed to do every other east coast state", said the affable Pontillo. Now, we're assuming he's referring to ‘doing’ comedy and not throwing his seed about. However, the slew of content Joe has on numerous platforms indicates clearly that this guy is an experienced funny man. His latest drop is his special on YouTube called No One Asked For This. Joe’s work is also featured on Spotify and iTunes.

Joe is a Corona drinker, although he’ll take a Vodka Soda or a glass or red wine if someone at a gig offers to buy him a drink. He believes humor is omnipotent and reveals itself if you’re looking for it. “I find comedic inspiration when I go out into the world and experience life. Everything is funny if you think about it.” So, what has his experience on the road taught him about life? “If you’re not having any fun in your life, change what you’re doing. Most of the time, the real change a person needs to make is their attitude.” Paddy’s is excited to welcome Joe to North Carolina.

BY: Dustin Capps

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