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The Dirt Road Sinnerz

BY Nightwalker Productions

When you hear the Dirt Road Sinnerz perform, you are immediately captured by their distinct sound, and their smooth harmonies. Listening to them brings to mind some of the classic sounds of groups like America, Crosby Stills and Nash, or the more contemporary flows of Mumford and Sons, or Averitt Brothers. Shaun Mac is the founder of the group. He plays guitar and handles lead and background vocals. His strong, deep, whiskey voice sets the foundation upon which the rest of the band leans. Kenny Sisk is the Sinnerz other guitarist. He also shares lead and background vocals. Kenny is a tenor with an outstanding range. The Reverend Dr. Neil Ray plays percussion and sings vocals. He is more of an alto tenor, who ventures into baritone on some songs.

The Dirt Road Sinnerz have a wild, reckless sound that somehow compliments their name. They play a variety of cover songs, while presenting you with original songs that speak directly to the heart and soul. The band has created their own genre - “Southern Alternative with an Attitude!” Is it any wonder they fit in so well at Paddy’s?!

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