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The Stone Dolls

BY Nic Rossi

First meeting under obscure coincidence, Mary and Ceirra are two twinkling stars glimmering over your night. Together they soothe and sway their way through various eras and genres of music, along with a few dirty jokes. What started as an unexpected introduction at a Karaoke bar, grew into something unbelievably addictive. This duet has a harmonious presence with a creative full sound. Add a dash of witty mash-ups, and these chics cook up a hot performance.

Growing up around music, Mary found her direction shortly after being kicked out of a church band. One could only imagine why. Ceirra was the shy type and no stranger to being bullied. It wasn't til later that her passion for playing music flourished when her husband bought her a guitar. The stone dolls would spend the next few years honing their partnership and developing their entertaining and “mixed their way” style. 

Songwriting plays a major role in the girls relationship. Mary says she has a special thing for writing sad love songs, while Ceirra stirs up funny yet controversial pieces. The Stone Dolls have been working hard and can be seen in the Fayetteville and Southern Pines area.

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