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Love Butter – What’s in it?

One of the most popular shots at Paddy’s is a shot of Love Butter, but is that because it tastes great or because it is dispensed from a large dildo? Who knows? Maybe the answer is a little of both. However, the most pressing question remains. What’s actually in Love Butter? Is there any truth to the rumor that it contains real Irish sperm?

“Yuk! That’s disgusting. It’s Pina Colada mix and vanilla vodka” said Paddy’s manager, Anna Bolduc. But not everyone agrees. Christen Simmons has a different take. “I’ve sampled sperm from Laurinburg to Timbuktu. That shit definitely has semen all up in it.” Social media influencer, Patrick McCulley, agrees. “Oh, hell yeah. It has Irish cum in it. I’m Irish, so I know what Irish cum tastes like. It’s good for the bowels and an awesome skin moisturizer.”

Love Butter is available at $4.00 per load.

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