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Employee of the Month

Aireona Hill aka Areola aka Grande aka Hairy Anna aka Nipples

  • She’s swallowed so many kids in her time, everything that comes out of her mouth is childish.
  • Her favorite song lyrics are, “Have you ever been fucked by a country boy, rammed by a redneck, spread by an inbred who’s kinda got your Daddy’s voice?”
  • She has to jump around in the shower to get wet.
  • President of the Fayetteville Chapter of the IBTC**
  • Don’t be fooled by her diminutive exterior, she may look like a telephone box, but she’s really The Tardis.
  • She holds the Cottonwood High School record for the longest fart – 17.69 seconds. She has more children than the old woman who lived in a shoe.
  • Make her angry and she will spit in your drink.
  • She developed a lazy sphincter after her first child and an irritable bowel after her second.
  • A very hairy woman, Areola has to shave her knees every day.
  • Aireona is a loving mother, a dedicated wife, a faithful friend, and a sweet, kind, and down-to-earth human being.

** Itty Bitty Titty Committee

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