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Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month

Mychelle Anderson - aka Stankum


  • The carpet DOES NOT match the drapes.
  • It’s not hair dye, it’s an alien semen stain that won’t wash out.
  • Only cherry-flavored latex stands between her and her love for her boyfriend, Cris.
  • She eventually figured out that Cris orgasms only when you stick a finger up his ass.
  • Why is her vagina called The Grand Canyon? Because she thought Gargantuan Canyon made it sound big.
  • She ate lunch in a bathroom stall by herself all through high school.
  • She’s fun to hang out with if you’re deaf and blind.
  • She bounces back and forth between needy and unhinged during her time of the month.
  • They took a little too much off during her titty reduction surgery.
  • “She’s black. She can handle being roasted.” – her boyfriend, Cris.
  • Mychelle is funny, beautiful, down-to-earth, smart, reliable, and hard-working. Paddy’s is lucky and grateful to have her working with us.

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