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Rapunzel – The Tammy Simmons Story

BY Patrick Gibney

Kansas City, Missouri, is known for its barbecue, jazz heritage, fountains, and as the birthplace of Tammy Simmons. Tammy is, of course, the marketing guru who has taken Paddy’s to another level in terms of our visibility and our position in the wider community. She came on board in June 2021 and turned what was at first a job into a passion, becoming a vital cog in the machinery that drives our business. Tammy is a multi-faceted human with an almost tangible creative drive. That drive has led to the creation of organizations like Sun and Moon Arts, Top Hat & Tails Animal Adoption, and Mobile Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Drives. For many years, she worked with and tended to big cats at The Carnivore Preservation Trust, bringing awareness to their plight. In fact, ever since I’ve known her (almost 35 years), she has had some kind of wild animal living with her. There was the monkey who lived in her garage, and the 18-foot Burmese python she kept in a closet, not to mention the Siberian Lynx that slept in bed with her. And who could forget the wide and varied assortment of lizards, snakes, cats, dogs, birds, squirrels, horses, chickens, opossums, and African bullfrogs.

At peace in her flower and vegetable garden and living a drama-free life, Tammy is an old-school alternative music/goth fan, with a particular love for bands like The Cure, Joy Division, and Radiohead. She doesn’t care much for modern music apart from Post Malone and Billie Elish. Her taste in music and art in general tends to lean toward the more obscure and yet-to-be-discovered artists. Tammy’s son, Brandon, an American patriot (like his father, Kevin) who has spent over 20 years as an operator in 10th Group Special Forces, describes his mother as “passionately philozoic, talented and creative, an old hand equestrian who is a muse to many but tied to none, fiercely independent, perceptive and sagacious, a reliable counsel with a kind heart, and a loving, dependable mother and friend who would give you the shirt off her back or a good old Missouri whooping, depending on what she deemed appropriate at the time.” Like everyone at Paddy’s, this man loves and respects his mother.

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