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Unicorn – The Brandon Love Story

BY Patrick Gibney

Ladies, if you’re looking for a straight, black man with all the appropriately sized appendages, who’s clean, smells good, has a job, has a car, has his own crib, has nice teeth, has never been married, has no kids, and has a nice, tight, supple ass - look no further than 39-year-old, Brandon Dominique Love, aka B-Love. B-Love is an important, long-time member of the Paddy’s security team. Underneath his laidback and affable exterior beats a heart that makes Lord Byron look like a tobacconist. This man oozes passion and sex appeal. It’s no secret at Paddy’s that B-Love is a big hit with the girls. Love is indeed an incredibly apt last name.

Strangely enough, if you threw B-Love into a crowd of black people, he would stick out like a white guy, but this can be explained – sort of. B-Love was born in Georgia, but he grew up on the island of Guam, enjoying a childhood filled with riding jet skis and women. Guam is a US island territory in Micronesia, in the Western Pacific. He graduated from Southern High School on the island, one of only two straight, black men in the whole school, so naturally his sex life began long before he knew what sex was. As a Virgo male, B-Love is very sensual. He likes touching his partner in a slow and seductive way. One might even say, he loves to tease. One thing is for shizzle, B-Love always smells good. It’s as if a bottle of Acqua Di Gio crawled up his ass and died.

Leaving Guam in 2006, B-Love moved to North Carolina to be closer to family. He got a job working for the Fayetteville Housing Authority and has risen through the ranks over the past 18 years to Assistant Director of Maintenance. His passions include spending time with his family and playing volleyball. He also loves playing golf, having worked at a golf resort as a kid. So why, at 39, has B-Love never married and never had any kids? “Women take advantage of me because I’m too nice and I love to smile.” When asked what that has to do with anything he said. “Why would I eat the same meal every night when there’s lots of different dishes to try? And hasn’t anyone ever heard of the rhythm method? Sheesh.”

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