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CLUB GOSSIP  - Daddy Please

Two young female patrons have started to call male members of the Paddy’s staff, “Daddy,” in a desperate attempt at securing a VIP card. “We come here every week, and we never cause any trouble even though bitches be wanting to fight us. I just ignore them and get one of my daddies. Men will do almost anything if you call them, “Daddy,” said 24-year-old Cayla McEvoy. Her friend, Christina Wick, agrees. “I have never even done a number two in Paddy’s. That’s how much I love and respect all my daddies. I just know that one of my daddies will get me a VIP card.” The VIP card at Paddy’s, sometimes referred to as a Black Card, is a gift given to people who the staff, as an entirety, believe deserve it. It allows the holder to skip the line at the front door and sign themselves and a guest in, on the house. To date, 155 of them have been given out. Each card is individually numbered, and the staff members, in general, feel they shouldn’t go to people who ask for one, but not all staff members agree. “I say give them a card, but not yet. I like it when Cayla and Christina call me ‘Daddy.’ Actually, I prefer, “Big Daddy,” said Employee of the Month, Kevin Marshall. Big Daddy just might be able to help these young ladies because Big Daddy makes dreams come true.”

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