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David Sears – Chef or Homonym?

Some people have very apt names, like Eli Shock, the electrician; or Phillips Flathead, the carpenter; or Seymour Mammary, the strip club owner; or Harry Beaver, the OBGYN; or Roger Biggerstaff, the porn actor. Well, at Paddy’s we have David Sears, the chef. Originally from Takoma Park, Maryland, David is a free-spirited, 62-year-old, self-taught Chef. He came to Paddy’s earlier this year to take charge of our food truck operations. Chef Sears’ vast experience infused with his infectious, easy-going, down-to-earth nature has resulted in a fantastic new menu and a bright, hard-working, dynamic crew of cooks and food runners. In fact, our food is so good that many people call ahead and order it to go, never actually going into our venue at all.

So, who is David Sears and what makes him tick? “Music and cooking are my passions. Both get me up early and keep me up late,” said the affable Sears. “And Anthony Bourdain has been a big influence on me. He did his thing while giving the middle finger to critics. I admire that.” Chef Sears’ favorite bands include Genesis, Yes, and The Allman Brothers. He also plays guitar, and it should be no surprise to anybody that his favorite song of all time is Puff The Magic Dragon. He shares his life with his wife Addie and their 3 dogs, Anubis, Grigio, and Isabella. However, this is not his first rodeo.

“I’ve been married three times”, said Chef Sears. “My 20’s and 30’s are a bit of a blur, but I seem to have landed on my feet.” Honesty and integrity are paramount for this fine gentleman, and he describes his homemade crabcakes as “better than sex.” One of the highlights of his life was meeting his half-sister for the first time back in June. “I’m adopted, and up till then, I thought I was alone.” What a special moment for a special man.

David Sears is yet another example of the wonderful human beings who have come into the Paddy’s family over the years. We are truly blessed to have found him. He is probably best summed up by his favorite song lyrics. They are from a song by The Dave Matthews Band. “I have no lid upon my head, but if I did, you could look inside and see what’s on my mind.” Chef Sears smoked a lot of weed in his younger years.

BY Patrick Gibney

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