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Debbie Does Paddy's

Debbie Jean Cauldwell has been living in the Fayetteville area for almost 35 years. She graduated from Douglas Byrd High School and went on to become a devoted mother to three beautiful children – Brandon, Sommer, and Troy, and a loving grandmother to three grandchildren. She is married to a real-life superhero, longtime Paddy’s family member, Eddie Cauldwell. Together, Debbie and Eddie are a dynamic duo. They are responsible for keeping Paddy’s clean. They come in early every morning, cleaning up the mess from the night before and setting up the entire venue for the following night’s business. In fact, the comment I hear the most from our customers is how clean the venue always is, especially the bathrooms.


When Debbie is not working, you will probably find her spending time with her beloved grandchildren. She has high hopes for them to grow up into happy and successful people. Debbie also has two other “babies” – her dogs, Grace, and Cup Cake. She loves scary movies and the Lifetime TV channel, which Eddie pretends to enjoy too. Debbie’s other love is gardening. It brings her joy and peace and keeps her close to nature. She particularly loves butterflies. “I lost my mom in 2008. Every time I see a butterfly, I know it’s her saying hello and watching over me and my family.”

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