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DJ Rekt

BY Gabe Perea


Welcome our newest DJ to join the ranks, David Dawley, aka DJ REKT. Hailing from Texas and raised in the vibrant atmosphere of Michigan, you can trace the roots of his DJ journey back 12 years to his military posting at Fort Bragg, NC (now Fort Liberty). It was there the seed of his passion for music germinated as he immersed himself in the pulsating beats of EDM festivals and shows. Witnessing the profound impact music had on people, DJ REKT resolved to be the catalyst for joy by curating and delivering their favorite tunes.


This odyssey has seen DJ REKT leave an indelible mark on diverse stages across the United States. From enchanting the audience at the iconic Chilkoot Charlie’s in Alaska, to orchestrating electrifying sets on party boats navigating the Hawaiian oceans, his musical prowess knows no bounds. The rhythmic echoes of his talent have resonated in Virginia college bars and reverberated through the vibrant air of multiple EDM festivals and shows. Notably, his sonic waves have also graced the frequencies of local Alaskan radio stations.


For DJ REKT, the heartbeat of his craft lies in the contagious joy he witnesses as people revel in the music he spins. The scale of the audience matters little—whether one or a thousand—as long as the shared experience is one of unbridled fun.


Beyond the turntables, DJ REKT finds solace and fulfillment in the warmth of family, sharing moments with his wife and two children. As a testament to his versatile persona, he also indulges his love for sports, both as a spectator and an active participant. In essence, DJ REKT's life is a harmonious blend of family, sports, and the ceaseless pursuit of spreading joy through the universal language of music.

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