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Employee of the Month

Anna Joy Bolduc

aka Bananas aka Baldrick aka Behar aka Daffney aka Vice Grips aka Pookie Poo aka Hugh Jarse aka Turd Cutter aka Pussy Fart aka Uno Brow.

  • Sometimes, air gets trapped in her vagina.
  • The male scrotum is like a splinter in her mind, slowing driving her insane.
  • Her boyfriend drives a Corvette, but his dick is slightly wider than her ex-husbands.
  • Don’t you hate it when you sit on the toilet and your clit falls in the water?
  • While on safari in Africa, she appreciated it when her Uncle Jack helped her off an elephant, but she refused to help her Uncle Jack off an elephant.
  • She has a vibrator called Kunta.
  • Getting divorced doesn’t mean you failed at marriage, it simply means you don’t do anal.
  • She has three pussies, and they all have an Instagram page.
  • Her dream is to have gigantic, fake titties someday.
  • Anna is a warm, kind, diligent, passionate, resilient, and very quick-witted member of the Paddy’s family. We love her dearly.

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