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Per Aspera Ad Astra – The Dylan Martin Story

BY Patrick Gibney

It has been said that being challenged in life is inevitable, but being defeated by it is optional. This is certainly true in the case of Dylan Martin. Born in Sulfur Springs, Texas, one of five siblings, Dylan lived with his grandma until he was 3 years old. His formative years, 7 – 19, were spent in Pioneer, Louisiana. He graduated from Oak Grove High School, the first one in his family to do so. He attributes getting through high school, and indeed his childhood in general, to his baby sister, Emily, and his stepfather, David Matthews.

Unfortunately, Dylan’s mother wrestled with life, and spent much of her kid’s early years in prison. Despite never knowing his father, Dylan credits his stepfather as a good dad and the man who helped guide him through adolescence. “David encouraged me to consider joining the military and pushed me to call the local recruiting office and explore the idea.” Dylan Jacob Martin joined the US military when he was 19 years old and he was shipped out to basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO in August of 2020. He hasn’t looked back since. “I joined the military because I love my country and I wanted to defend all the good things we stand for.”

So, what was it like growing up in Louisiana? “I loved it. There was lots of farmland and forests. I worked all through high school in construction and at a gas station. And in the summertime, I worked on a farm and did some logging, too. It kept me busy and out of trouble. I would like to move home one day and build a house for my wife and I.” Dylan met his beautiful wife, Mariah, in April of 2023, not long after spending a year in The Middle East on deployment. “She’s beautiful inside and out and she keeps me grounded.”

Dylan’s hobbies include motorcycles, gold prospecting, hunting, and fishing. His other passion is the gym, and it was in the gym that he heard about Paddy’s through some of his workout buddies. He decided to apply for a position with our security team and started working with us in January of this year. He quickly became a fantastic addition to our team. He is a dependable, honest, and dedicated team member who always has a smile on his face and a friendly word for everyone.

So, what does Dylan attribute his remarkable survivability to? “Well, I’m resilient. I refuse to lay down and be some kind of victim. I think it’s important to work hard, love hard, and pick your friends wisely.”

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