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Dear Alice

Advice from an Irish Mother

Dear Alice,

A few months ago, the house across the road from mine was sold to a “father and son” – or so I thought. Turns out it’s a gay couple. One of them is about 50 and the other one can’t be more than 25. They have all kinds of weirdos coming over – men who look like women, women who look like men; it’s an absolute disgrace. This used to be a respectable neighborhood. What can I do about this?

Mark C, Raleigh, NC


Dear Mark,

You could move. If that’s not an option, you might want to find something interesting and productive to take up your time because it sounds like you have a little too much of it. Live and let live, Mark. It’s not your place to judge people, especially when no laws are being broken. Try to focus on your own garden. I bet it needs a lot of work.

Alice Gibney

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