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Ducky Medlock

BY Tammy Simmons

Whether his band plays country, rock, or funk, Ducky, like his name, is different. He considers himself lucky to have been named Ducky. Maybe his parents were big fans of the movie, “Pretty in Pink.” Who knows? Ducky sure as hell ain’t telling. He discovered his love of music and songwriting at the youthful age of ten. Someone said his songwriting was like poetry, and nobody wants to be a poet except a poet, according to Ducky. Playing alternative Americana rock, his career has been quite the ride. He has worked with the USO, and Stars and Stripes, performing for the troops in Mexico, Kosovo, Germany, South Korea, the Netherlands, and Macedonia! He has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Fox and Friends, and The Grand Old Opry. His band has certainly seen a thing or two, some of which they could have done without. They once played a 50th-year class reunion and upon arriving, to their great surprise, they realized it was a clothing-optional resort! Bandmate, Charles, is still in therapy because of this!


Ducky’s band lineup has existed in many forms, but the current lineup has trolled the U.S. for the last couple of years. They are Allen “Alley Cat” Lansburg on the trashcans, Charles “Chucky” Trotter on the six strings and sideways fiddle, and Ducky Medlock kicking and screaming the rhythm. Their distinct brand of originals are eclectic and unique. Ducky says, “They’ve never heard two songs that didn’t deserve to be in a mashup together.” A playful bunch of guys, the band enjoys adding a little controversy to their songwriting, with songs derived from true events like train derailments and semi-local political scandals. “We like to punch it up to 8,” says Ducky with a wily grin. “We try not to take ourselves too seriously and inject a healthy amount of comedy into our shows. Tequila shots and rock kicks bring the harmonies and melodies.” Their music always brings something for everyone and that is very visible in their stage performances. Come and see for yourselves when they perform at Paddy’s on Saturday, November 18th!


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