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Employee of the Month

Daniel Fimbres ~ aka Mr. Sphincter, aka El Burrito Grande, aka Super Soaker


  • Pornhub Premium Executive Platinum Member.
  • Accidents happen.
  • The first 30 years of childhood are always the hardest.
  • This man is in dire need of a moist towelette.
  • His ex is jealous of women who have never met him.
  • Many people feel he should introduce his top lip to his lower lip and shut the fuck up.
  • Daniel knows how to please a woman. That’s why he leaves them alone.
  • Lubeless anal sex coupled with a severe irritable bowel issue has led to some messy situations.
  • If he ran like his asshole does, he’d be in good shape.
  • Where has all the pussy been his whole life? Where it will be for the rest of his life – Pornhub.
  • Daniel is a lovable, down-to-earth, hard-working, and talented lighting and sound engineer. He is a devoted father, a treasured member of the Paddy’s family, and a loyal and honest friend.


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