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Matt White – Encouraging Laughter Everyday

BY: Patrick Gibney

Matt White, an award-winning comedian, writer, and actor, really came into his own as an entertainer when he was a student at East Carolina University. His dream of becoming a comedic actor led to joining an improv troupe on campus. His work there led to the formation of a comedy organization that quickly became the hub for local comedy in Greenville, NC. As he says himself, he “went from distracting classmates to engaging audiences.” This has certainly proved to be a good decision.  

Matt has won several competitions including, NC Funniest Comic (2020), Carolina’s Funniest Comic (2013), and Port City’s Top Comic (2012). He has featured in a slew of comedy festivals across the nation, and he has collaborated with well-known comics such as Tim Meadows, Michael Rapaport, Dusty Slay, and Bobcat Goldthwait. However, in addition to his stage work, his talents and interests have taken him into production and directing. Matt is the co-producer/artistic director of the Oak City Comedy Festival in Raleigh. He is also a comedy coach/instructor at Goodnight’s Comedy Club and Moonlight Stage Comedy, also in the Raleigh area.

Paddy’s is delighted to welcome Matt White back to our comedy stage on January 26th.

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