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Cross Creek Pipe and Drums Musical Meet & Greet

The Sandhills Celtic Society is proud to present a Musical Meet and Greet with the Cross Creek Pipes and Drums on Saturday, June 17th, 6-8 pm, at Paddy’s Irish Pub. Playing traditional Scottish and Irish music and wearing the Tartan of the Carolinas, members of the Cross Creek Pipes and Drums aim to entertain and educate with their performances. This is a free event, open to people of all ages.

Cross Creek Pipes and Drums was founded in 1984 in Fayetteville, North Carolina by Bob Palmer, a piping enthusiast, and immigrant from the United Kingdom. The nonprofit group has continued for 40 years with the hard work of dedicated volunteers from throughout the Cape Fear region. The “Cross Creek” name was chosen to highlight the historic significance of Scottish culture to the region. "Cross Creek" comes from the name of a trading community on the upper Cape Fear River, founded around 1760, which was the commercial heart of the largest settlement of Highland Scots in the 18th century. The band is comprised of people interested in learning, performing, and promoting the traditional and contemporary music that’s created using instruments like the Great Highland Bagpipes and the Scottish Regimental Drums. The band offers piping and drumming instruction to anyone interested, and they are actively seeking new members to continue the Pipe Band tradition.

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