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KRB - The Kevin Regan Band

BY Nic Rossi

A tail of turbulence and turmoil. Two very different yet very intriguing individuals. Almost like watching a good cop bad cop interrogation, only with instruments and microphones. Who is responsible for this madness you ask? We can thank New Jersey, home of Kevin Regan. Regan started early and was practically raised on a stage. When someone put a guitar in Regan's hands and said "go rock the F#ck out" and that's what young Kevin did.

The glass did not stay half full for long, Regan knew he needed something that would spill over the top. Fate would lead him to Fayetteville, NC where he met the craziest fellow "one of a kind" Patrick McCully. McCully, not shy in a crowd, dove headfirst into the duo's act studying theatrics, sports and music. Once these two superpowers combined, live music lovers got hooked.

KRB will have you singing along to American classics one minute, then laughing and saying WTF the next. The KRB is an absolute joy and shock to hear while you enjoy a beverage at your favorite dive. Dull moments are the last thing you can expect from The Kevin Regan Band.

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