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Monte Allen – Family Man/Funny Man

During a gig in Newport News, VA, comic Monte Allen noticed a black lady in the front row whispering into a white lady’s ear during his standup routine. When he stopped the show to ask why she was doing that, the black lady explained that the white lady (her wife) was blind, so she was simply explaining to her what Monte was doing on stage because, obviously, she couldn’t see him. The room fell silent. Monte apologized and complimented them both for coming to the show and supporting live comedy. “But I have to ask you one question Ma’am.” said Monte. “Does your wife know you’re black?” The awkward silence was broken by the black lady falling out of her seat with laughter which in turn brought the house down. Only an experienced, gifted, and fearless performer could navigate such a situation and turn it into gold.

Monte Allen, a mechanical engineer with a degree from the University of Florida, has been a standup comic for over two decades. Since getting his start at The Comedy Zone in Jacksonville, FL, Monte has played all the major clubs in New York, LA, and across the country. He appeared in Nashville in Last Comic Standing in 2004, and he has numerous TV credits to his name, including an independent movie. He builds, sells, and customizes motor bikes in his spare time, considering himself to be a “southern biker comic.” His story-telling style is fueled by life experiences, especially the trials and tribulations of being a loving husband and a devoted father.

After taking some time off to raise his kids, he came back to comedy and had to navigate a much different environment. “Many clubs are booking on the strength of your social media following, which is a shame. The funniest comics can be found by going to live shows, not through social media or by whatever NY or LA dictates.”

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