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Put Some Ranch Or Goat Cheese On It

If you want a southern girl to do anything you want, just put some ranch or goat cheese on it. I learned this from Lindsey “Bear” Graham. Born and raised in the Fayetteville area, Lindsey comes from a wonderful Scots-Irish family. Both of her parents were successful, smart, and charismatic individuals who instilled joie de vivre into their 3 boys and 2 girls, Lindsey being the youngest.

To “Bear,” family is everything. She considers caring for her father in his final years as one of the great experiences and achievements of her life. Her older sister, Anita, who she affectionately calls “Cup Fart,” is a “ridiculously funny, free-spirited country girl/biker chick.” says Graham. Her oldest brother, Bobby, passed away last year, but she will always remember him as a kind, sincere, and loving brother. She loves her brother Stuart for his great story-telling and unshakable integrity, and describes her twin brother Clark, as her best friend. “We have that weird twin shit between us.” But to Lindsey, family isn’t reserved for humans only. She has a deep and abiding love for animals, and she volunteers and contributes heavily to various animal charities in the local community. She has a beautiful German Shepherd named Mina, and the light of her life, her pug Bella, passed away this summer after almost 18 years of bringing joy and love to Lindsey’s life. RIP Bellz.

Educated at East Carolina University, Lindsey also studied in France and Argentina. In addition to being one of the longest serving employees at Paddy’s, she also works at Cape Fear Valley Hospital in its marketing and communications department. She’s a lover of music, especially Led Zeppelin and Dave Matthews, and anything with goat cheese or ranch on it. If you want to get into her pants, and you don’t have ranch dressing or goat cheese handy, you will need to be a good person who is considerate, funny, smart, loyal, hardworking, compassionate, a Christian, confident - not cocky, and you must love pets.

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