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Oh to Be Rich!

BY: Dustin Capps

Rich Carucci is not only a fan of comedy, but also a second-generation comedian whose grandfather was a vaudeville performer! Rich was a childhood actor; appearing in several Chef Boyardee commercials, off-Broadway plays, and the 1972 Ed Sullivan Easter Special, “Clowning Around.” Since 2001, Rich has been performing Stand Up across the country.

He is also a regular on the New York City Comedy Circuit. His skill with a live audience and his hysterical take on life and current affairs makes him a huge crowd favorite. We’re delighted to have him in The Church this month.

The Oily Discharge recently caught up with Rich while he was on vacation in a sunnier climate and asked him how he felt about his upcoming gig in The Church. “I’m looking forward to performing at Paddy’s! I’ve heard such great things about the place. And anytime I get to work with Rich Shultis, it’s an extra treat. Besides, I’m half Irish on Me Mother Catherine’s side!”

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